South Belt Barbell is a weightlifting club affiliated with USA Weightlifting, inside of CrossFit South Belt.

We have 3 platforms and all of the equipment needed to perform your Olympic Weightlifting program.

Contact us today if you are looking for a new space to lift, personalized programming, or interested in dropping in.

South Belt Barbell Club Prices


$65 Per Month, programming not included

(For the experienced lifter that has their own programming, and needs little coaching)

$105 Per Month, programing included

Current CrossFit South Belt Members

$40 Per Month, in addition to your current membership, for Programing and coaching

*Inquire with Coach Krystal for further details and information about the Barbell Club

Lifting hours:

Monday-Thursday 4pm-8pm

Fridays 4pm-7pm

Saturdays 9am-11am